COVID-19 has disrupted school functions. In most parts of the world, schools were shut in the mid-months of 2020. From supranational organizations like UN, WHO, World Bank etc. to national governments, every organization recognized the loss of learning and tried their best to either run schools online or open schools…

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What is 1+1?

Science requires precision, isn’t it? When you ask someone to add two numbers, there’s only one correct answer. Is there any place where 1+1 is not equal to 2? Every math textbook in the world will give you the same answer, not just grade 1 books but…

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Let me request you to do an activity today:

At home, ask your grandfather/grandmother (or whoever is the eldest in your family), what were the contents / topics they studied when they were in 1st grade / 6th grade / 10th grade, i.e. till 12th std. …

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What are the requirements of an employer?

Technically, to be an entrepreneur you really don’t need a certificate or degree(s). You need to believe in something, and with focused hardwork — perseverance — failure — more hardwork — … (repeat), you become an employer or an entrepreneur. …

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In 2017, my friend and I organized a summer camp for kids aged 4 to 12 years. It was a wonderful experience, to say the least. Kids are proactive, genuine, enthusiastic beings, and to dwell in activities with them made me cherish my childhood days.

In the camp, we kept…

Priyank Sharma

Educationist (NIEPA) | Engineer (NIT) | Social Worker (TISS) | Counsellor (NCERT) | Researcher | Founder | Creator

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